BCVA Vision

‘Diversity in Arts’

Black Country Visual Arts was set up in 2014 by two second generation British Asian photographic artists Anand Chhabra and Sarvjit Sra. They felt that visual arts as has seen little or no engagement within the migrant Asian and diverse communities within British Society. As artists they aim to engage these communities with projects that will promote the importance of art and how it can communicate their own stories. This in turn will lead to new creativity and awareness whilst encouraging audience engagement within the arts.

Visual arts has the power to communicate stories without any language or cultural barriers, giving diverse communities a voice for their impact into the Black Country. As an organisation they wish to encourage and develop  this platform through the medium of visual arts.

One of our long term goals is to support and encourage a number of artists to develop their own talent.  Along with a hub for local community organisations that require a program of participatory visual arts. We intend to engage with other arts organisations within the region, nationally and internationally in order to achieve our goals.

We can only achieve these goals with the help of the people of the Black Country.