Our archive a 4 page feature in the August issue of Wolverhampton Magazine!

We were interviewed earlier this month at our archive space by the lovely Heather Loat the chief editor at Wolverhampton Magazine. Our 4 page feature in this August issue describes not only how our archive started and the national award we recieved earlier this month but recognises the importance of the history of Punjabi migrants to Wolverhampton and the various impacts that they have had in the Black Country c1960s to 80s. Its great to see some of the hidden truths/stories presented here about this community via the article and through the imagery we have collected. At Black Country Visual Arts we are excited by the prospect of getting the news about the archive to the wider community of Wolverhampton especially as the region has been celebrating Black Country day on July 14th. We are delighted that August issue of the magazine itself is full of arts and culture which is great to see with the inception of the 'Wolves in Wolves' statues which is having a great buzz around town. A very thankful team here at BCVA for highlighting the Apna heritage Archive. Well done to Wolverhampton magazine for a very cultural issue of the magazine! The August issue of W-ton Mag is available to buy from local outlets now!